Presidential Search Committee Update – December 22, 2016

Since our last update in November, we have been like a duck swimming across a lake. Not much to see above the water, but lots going on underneath.
Specifically, our search partners (Knightsbridge Robertson Surette, [KBRS]) have been actively speaking with potential candidates across Canada and beyond.
Our ability to report in detail on this phase of the search is limited by the confidential nature of what is taking place. KBRS have been engaging with a significant number of leaders to determine if they might be interested in our opportunity or might they be able to recommend a potential candidate. In many instances, KBRS will share the Presidential Brief with the individual, that individual may share a CV with us, or simply state they are not interested. All of this information is collected and shared with the Search Committee to ensure every committee member is kept fully informed.
We held a Search Committee meeting this week as an update prior to Christmas Break. During this meeting we reviewed candidates of interest along with the entire candidate pool. Our next steps include the continuation of the active search process along with a move to start to interview the most promising of candidates. We expect to have these preliminary interviews conducted through January and February.
In short, we remain very active in the market and we are encouraged by the caliber of candidates who are expressing interest in the role.
The Committee would like to wish all members of the Acadia Community a safe and peaceful Holiday Season and all the best for a successful and healthy 2017.
We anticipate reporting back again towards the latter part of January.
Happy Holidays!
John Rogers, QC, ICD.D (’79)
Chair, Presidential Search Committee
Chair, Board of Governors
Acadia University

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