Additional Resources


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William A. Weary. Essentials of Presidential Search. (Booklet – series Board Basics).


Role of the President

KBRS, “Leadership in Academia: What is Leadership?”: academia-onboarding and leadership in academia academia-what-leadership

Academic Impressions, “Presidential Dialogues: Lessons on Effecting Change”:


Presidential Searches

Leo Charbonneau, “Thinking inside the box on university presidential appointments”: box-on-university-presidential-appointments/

Leo Charbonneau, “The (continued) revolving door at the top of Canada’s universities”:

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Obstacles and Success Factors for Presidencies

Ross H. Paul, “The alarming rise of failed university presidencies”:

Julie Cafley, “Why have so many Canadian university presidencies

failed?”: university-presidencies-failed/ [See also Julie Cafley’s thesis on which this article is based at:]

 Julie Cafley has just published an article in University World News called, “Leadership in Turbulent Times”:

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David Marshall, “Canadian University Presidential Onboarding”. Presentation to the PEACU (President Executive Assistants at Canadian Universities) Conference, April 27, 2016.